The Vines, the Earth, the Sun,
the Wind, the Mountains

The vine Glera, which produces the Prosecco grape, found in the hills of Valdobbiadene, its magical place.

Here the climate conditions, land and farmers’ wisdom have amalgamated into an harmonious blend concentrated in the Prosecco grapes of our vineyards.

The soil is variously structured with a large micro-nutrient that transmits to the grapes, and then to the wine, a balanced flavor that we well know. Our grapevine Glera draws strength from this blessed earth and the sun and the wind, completing the work with their intense activity, inexhaustible and comprehensive. The mountain above us to the north protects and repairs from winter frosts and scorching hot of the summer. The rest is daily and patient care work in the vineyard and in the cellar.

Riva del Vecio

The vineyard on the doorstep. The closer, the more familiar.


Small hill whose sill protrudes the chief vineyard which opens to the universe of Valdobbiadene. Golden waves of joy in a sea of vineyards and built-up areas and, in the background, vague and shining, the pandemonium of the plain and the sea.


Small vineyard terraces exposed to the ungovernable sun of this magic coast caressed by the mountain wind.


The vineyard in the hills of Combai to the east, the land of the chestnuts.


The highest vineyard among the cottages of rural history.

I Mass

Low vineyards bordered by the river Teva, the river of Santo Stefano.


The youngest vineyard on the outskirts of Conegliano, where the world ends in the east of the Prosecco DOCG.