3 Bottles

Chocolate 3 Bottles

The package contains

  • Artisan panettone naturally leavened with 800g extra dark chocolate drops on box
  • 1 Pack of 3 bottles width


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The Panettone Classico Villa dei Cedri is freshly packaged without preservatives and is guaranteed to last for the Christmas holidays.
It is characterized by a complex process that involves a specific leavening time and controlled temperatures for at least 60 hours, this is the secret of its softness.
Villa dei Cedri uses specially selected ingredients: high quality butter, fresh egg yolks and Dallagiovanna flour.

All wisely balanced to ensure a perfect alveolation and a bouquet of aromas and aromas that are released by tasting our panettone at an ideal temperature of 28-30 ° C.

Panettone ingredients
FLOUR, BUTTER, EGG yolks, chocolate chips, sugar, NATURAL YEAST, honey, water, salt, vanilla pods.

Keep in a cold and dry place.

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