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I Bortolin, a surname widely diffused in the Santo Stefano territories. All descendants of that Bortolo of which nothing is known.
Or, rather, some clues come to us from reading the list of the souls of Santo Stefano in 1699, drawn up by a fussy Pre 'Gio Batta Bertuolo, second regent pastor of the young parish of Santo Stefano. from the hospice of Treviso and works in servitude by our Santin Bortolin. Founder? Patriarch? Who knows! The fact is that ours are known by the nickname of Santin. And the circle closes.

To say only that these people are well rooted in this blessed land. And he gained experience and history.

Stefano Is

Santo Stefano is a small village part of the municipality of Valdobbiadene in the province of Treviso, Northeast Veneto.

Father and mother together. Along its course, various mill wheels have drawn life and strength over the centuries, generating the first proto-industrial activities.

Blacksmith's mallet, flour mills and fools for beating wool, hence the locality of the same name. And then, in the golden years, barn and mountain pasture work to feed two dairies, hubs of trade and exchanges, which later became useful in the great Prosecco epic.

Prosecco, a phenomenon established over the centuries that found its best expression here during the twentieth century; for the land open to the healthy winds that rise from the mountain behind it to disperse in the bubbling waters of the nearby Piave.

Land kissed by the sun every day of the year. The magical combination of the earth, the sun and peasant wisdom make this village a world unto itself. Its few inhabitants, about 500, all combine as in a single widespread cellar, to create what now many know for quality Santostefano.
Alessandro Bortolin's small cellar is part of this harmonious weaving where, as in a medieval tapestry, the story of joy is born.
From our cellars, the gaze sweeps south towards the Venetian lagoon, with Venice in good evidence and to the north it is sucked in by the looming pre-Alpine mountain, a prelude to the rocky vertigo of the Dolomites. Nearby are Palladio's Maser, Queen Cornaro's Asolo, Canova's Possagno, the noble Feltre, the joyful brand and… Veneto.


The production area of ​​Valdobbiadene Superiore DOCG extends into 15 municipalities between the cities of Conegliano and Valdobbiadene. It is spread over an agricultural area of ​​18,000 hectares.
Of the 7,000 hectares of specialized vineyards, Alessandro Bortolin cultivates 11.


The composition of the soil, surfaced from the seabed, is variously structured with a large contribution of microelements that transmit the balanced flavor we know well to the fruit and then to the wine. Our Glera vine draws its strength from this blessed land, which has no equal, and the sun and the wind complete the work with their inexhaustible and capillary work.

The mountain that overlooks us to the north protects and shelters from the winter frosts and the scorching August heat. That's all. Finally, the sacking of the greedy autumn among the vineyards and the daily and patient care in the vineyard and in the cellar.